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Test Definition Number : 158
Test Definition Name : Gene sequencing panel (31-50 genes)
Lab Name : Baylor Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine
Lab Test Number of NEWER Version : 1261
Lab Test Number of THIS Version : 1110
Lab Test Number of OLDER Version : 1101
Lab Test Name : GeneAware Ashkenazi Jewish Panel v2 (Female)
Status : Active
Expired : No
Updated : 2017-06-21 12:13 EDT

General Attributes

Chromosome Band :
HUGO Gene Name :
ICD-Oncology Code
(includes WHO classification diagnoses)

Infectious Disease Attributes

Agent Category :
Non-virus Genus and Species :
Virus Family, Genus, and Species :

Lab-specific Attributes

Method : Sequencing - Next Generation (Massively Parallel) (NGS)
Southern Blot
Specimen Source
(for clinical patient care these sources must be validated)
ICD-10 Code :
Use :
Genetics Category :
Comments : Test code: 60201 Gene(s) included: ABCC8, ADAMTS2, ASPA, ATP7B, BBS2, BCKDHB, BLM, CFTR, CLRN1, COL4A3, CPT2, DHCR7, DHDDS, DLD, DMD, FAH, FANCC, FKTN, FMR1, G6PC, GALT, GBA, HEXA, IKBKAP, MCOLN1, MPL, MTTP, NEB, PCDH15, PEX2, PHGDH, PKHD1, PMM2, RTEL1,SLC35A3, SMN1, SMPD1, SUMF1, TMEM216 Website address:
Specimen Transport Requirements :
Samples Available for Proficiency Test Sample Exchange : No


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